My First Infographic – Social Media

As an art and picture addicted person😛, I made my first digital marketing infographic for my blog this week on Piktochart.  It is about one of the hottest topics today — Social Media. Please forgive my not good enough design, I love art and design and marketing, and I know I do need a lot more practice on these.

I did a lot of research on social media and concluded the most important facts that I think to make this fun infographic. Some of my photoshop skills helped. And I definitely learned more about this field and digital marketing. This is my first time making a infographic, had a lot of fun and paid a lot of effort (marketing people really really need good aesthetic taste). I think I will do more infographics on this blog.

So please enjoy the content and leave some comments for me! I really need your opinions to improve myself!



  • Social Media Fact Sheet
  • Social Media Update 2016
  • 47 Social Media Facts To Blow Your Mind
  • Reach of leading social media and networking sites used by teenagers and young adults in the United States as of February 2017

The pictures in the infograph are credit to Freepik.





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