Chloe Loves Everything by Chloe.

One great thing about writing food blog post is that I have a good reason to eat at different cute restaurants every week! Sharing my delicious experience and digital marketing comments with you guys is another thing better!

Living in New York is a big advantage to that. Finding good restaurants with nice food as well as wise marketing strategies is always an enjoyable journey. This week Chloe found a super lovely place by CHLOE.. Please don’t be confused, the name of the restaurant is by CHLOE.. Ok I have to admit I may have bias due to this lovely name. 😬


Actually the name “by CHLOE.” is the reason I noticed the restaurant for the first time. Before getting to know the restaurant, I thought it was a cute sweets shop located only at 185 Bleecker Street, which is nearby NYU. Now I know by CHLOE. is a vegan, plant-based, kosher restaurant founded by chief Chloe Coscarelli partnered with ESquared Hospitality. And its very important creative director and president is Samantha Wasser. It has three stores in New York, one in L.A., just opened one in Boston and have several coming soon. By CHLOE. is “committed to maintaining a sustainable and vegan lifestyle and actively contribute towards lowering our carbon footprint and preserving our planet’s water supply through our animal-free menu, mindful ingredient sourcing and eco-friendly packaging.”

Eat Well. Eat with purpose. 


New York is in its sweetest weather this Friday! I felt it would be a great choice to eat at by CHLOE.. Warmth plus great sunshine, I went out with just a t-shirt and my vintage knit jacket, there is nothing I can ask for more. The soho store were full of people when my friend and I arrived at one o’clock. Every detail in the restaurant is elaborately designed. From the rattan hanging chair near the window to the tiles with beautiful pattern. I really love the pop character design on their napkins.

There is no surprise that this young restaurant follows the most up to date digital marketing strategies. My friend Violet and I had a salad, a classic burger with sweet potato french fries and we paid with the by CHLOE. App. Having a App that can make purchase and collect points for rewards is really lovely, so except for the healthy vegan food, the App is what I want to talk about the most.



Same artistic with its Instagram account that focus on pink posts recently, the front page of the App is a juicy vegan burger in a light pink background💕. There are only three  buttons — GET STARTED!, MENU and LOCATION. Clear and nice character design, I had a pretty good impression of this App the first time I opened it. With not many information provided, I have an account and the front page turns to a QR code. Here I started a by CHLOE. App exploration.



There sure are many convenient designs in this App. First is the front page QR code. When ordering in store, just open the App and I can give my QR code to scan immediately, no additional tap on the screen is needed. All the other function of this App is under the three line MENU button. There I can search the nearby by CHLOE. restaurants, check the food Menu, see my rewards, set personal profile an so forth. Those functions are divided into different categories by thick black cutting lines, made the MENU very clear and easy to navigate. A very interesting thing about the App is that I never provide any payment information during the sign up process. But when I check out the Manage Cards category, My CHASE card is already laying there and ready to pay. I really got confused and still haven’t figured out how it set itself there. One possible explanation may be the CHASE App in my phone made some kind of connection with the by CHLOE. App.

About the QR code and auto setting up payment function, I admit they are super convenient and time saving. But from my perspective I also consider them unsafe. The big QR code on the front page can show up so easily makes me a little bit worried about it can be easily stolen as well. The mysterious payment auto setting up is not very reassuring  either. So may be by CHLOE. could design a pop up window tells users the App could set up the payment for them and let them choose one payment method they want to connect with this App. It could also replace the QR code with cute campaign, promotion information or interesting news about the restaurant, anything makes the front page funnier and more colorful. To be honestly the simple black and white QR code is a very boring design.


REWARDS! REWARDS?image_1488306134-138268

A very good reason for me to download this App is that pay with it I can have rewards. Every time I pay with the QR code it collects the money I paid and for $100 spend I got $10 credit. After my first purchase, I received receipt in the App very quickly and an e-mail receipt followed. The receipt has information about the location, payment amount and how much I have collected to reach the next reward. I can check it anytime in the Transaction History, very clear and detailed.

However, when I want to know specific information about my rewards status in the by CHLOE. Rewards menu in the App, there is only a half burger image and brief information about how to earn the $10 credits. I think the burger design is very cute, it is a image explanation tells me how far I am from $10. But what I really want to see here is not only how much credit I have or the points I collected in an pictorial way, I also want clear and direct number shows How Much I Have to Spend to Reach that $10. This information is told even in the transaction history, why not show it at the Rewards part?

All in all, I really love this super vegan, cute and purpose restaurant and its App. Though I think there are details need to be improved to make its App nicer to use, it has really adorable pop design and is not hard to use. The Rewards part is really a highlight of by CHLOE. App, because many similar restaurants do not have this function in their Apps and some of their rewards are really hard to reach. In by CHLOE. for every $100 spend users can get $10. By CHLOE. have not only delicious vegan food, but also a friendly App.


Really want a Guac Burger right now!  🥑🍔

And see you in my next blog!


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