Discover my RockStar Personality

I had a fascinating self-exploration this week!

It all started with a test discovered by Sally Hogshead, called the Fascination Personality Test, a test helps people find their special advantages to be fascinating.

Comparing to all the other autognosis tests I took before, this one is very different. Firstly, the Fascination Personality Test is build on branding, not psychology. In addition, it only requires me to answer 28 questions, which is a small number compared to those tests that have at lest 50 questions. The biggest difference is that among all those personality tests that tell me how I see the world, this test tells me how the world perceives me.

Before taking the test, I always believe I should be myself and do not care too much about what others thinks about me. So I was very curious about what the test result will be. Will it be very different between what I think I am and what others think I am? Why should I be fascinating? How does it effects my life and work? After answering 28 questions, I was surprised by the result! This scientific based, detailed explained and customized fascination report of myself changed something in my mind.

How to Fascinate Discovered by Sally Hogshead

So here is my test report.

Surprised myself, my archetype is ROCKSTAR!! 🤘🏻 “Your primary advantage is INNOVATION and secondary advantage is PASSION. The dormant advantage is TRUST.” Is this me? Immediately I start to think whether people perceive me this way. I definitely feel true about being Innovation. I am a open person, I attract by creative, weird, unconventional things. I don’t like the same I love difference. I do come up with new ideas, and I love artistic things. But for the Passion part, I am not very sure about that.

Checking out the features of Passion, Creates strong and immediate emotional connections; Quickly creates warm emotional connections; Your approachable and transparent style makes you an “open book.” To be honestly, if you just know me, I’m sure you would not see me like that. I go slow when I meet new people, thus it takes a long time for me to get familiar with new friends, this is a totally opposite character from Passion. Also I don’t share everything with others, so “transparent style” and “open book” are really not me. But does this mean the Fascination Test is wrong? I answered 28 questions with honesty, I do choose “Totally me” in the question “Even friends know me a long time do not know everything about me.” No, the Fascination Test is not wrong, checking out the pie chart describing the composition of my personality, it turns out Mystique has the same percentage with Passion as an advantage in my personality, they are both 16%!

This explains everything.  I am a relative introvert kind of person, so people who are close to me and familiar with me, such as families and friends, perceive me as a Rockstar. I am more outgoing and expressive with them. I talk a lot while being with them. They can see my innovation and passion. Things are the same when I work alone. I have full control of what am I doing and I can give free rein to my weird, creative or bold ideas. But when I am working with new people in a new group, I show more Mystique. I am more willing to listen good ideas from teammates first than showing “attractive personal and professional style of interaction.” So my personality report maybe: the ROCKSTAR is me yet is not me at the same time.

My Fascination Advantages

As a marketer, the idea of fascination is very helpful and important. In the TV show Mad Men, Roger once yelled at Pete “Do I have to tell you 90% of failed business is because the client do not like ‘This guy’.” If we are not able to brand and market ourselves, the person we know best, how are we able to market other things. Sally Hogshead’s Ted Talk How to Fascinate is very inspiring. In the lecture she said, “It doesn’t matter how incredible your idea is, if nobody knows. It doesn’t matter if you are the most brilliant blogger if nobody reads your post. We don’t live in a vacuum. Creativity does not operate in a vacuum. You have to be able to share your ideas.” This makes me thinking about my inconspicuous Rockstar personality. Maybe I should be more like a Rockstar with others, no matter they are familiar with me or not. Because it is meaningless to hold a creative idea by myself and not share it with others. Show more Passion, less Mystique.

Sally’s theory about fascinate advantage changed what I thought about being myself. I received an e-mail from Sally the day after I took the test, she provide a quick tip for me: To become more successful, don’t change who you are. Become more of who you are. Cannot agree more! To be fascinate is not to change yourself to make other people like you, it is to do better with your advantage personality and be a better version of yourself.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Very big thanks to my digital marketing professor Joanne Tombrakos and Sally Hogshead, I can take the test for free and explore the most fascinate part of my personality. I really love it! What a great gift for a marketer!

And Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️❤️❤️ !

See you in the next blog!


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