How I Fell In Love With The Reinvented Gucci

When Gucci announced its new creative director at the beginning of 2015, the fashion world was surprised. Alessandro Michele, a long-hair, quirky and soft look designer, suddenly became the most popular man in the fashion industry. For one thing, although Michele had been working in Gucci design studio for 12 years, he was relatively unknown by the public before, “I wasn’t even on the list” said himself. For another, since the then creative director Firda Giannini left the company abruptly in January 2015, Michele only had one week to create an entirely new menswear collection. “It’s not exactly true,” Michele told VOGUE editor Hamish Bowles, “It was five days.”

Alessandro Michele in his house in Italy

Surprised everyone again, the five-day work was a great success. Very different from Giannini’s image for Gucci, the weak, droopy and gender blurred show distanced the new collection from its immediate past right away.

Like living in a secret garden, Gucci’s 2016 collections were incredibly beautiful too. The combination of east and west culture attracts numerous celebrities, fashion editors and bloggers to wear, no matter they look good or not in those dreamy colorful outfits. Gucci soon become the most of most hot brand and definitely the trend leader.

The success of reinventing is creating a new story for Gucci.

Gucci SS2015 Menswear
Gucci SS2016 Womenswear

For me, the new Gucci is exactly the Gucci I love. Not only for its vintage eastern pattern fabric, bisexual outfits on both male and female models and the geek art image for the whole brand, but also for its super wise marketing now.

I went to Italy last summer, the hometown of Gucci. In the city Florence there is the Gucci Museo (Gucci Museum), definitely the place I would go, even though it is not free for students like most of the museums in Europe. Unlike those crowded Gucci stores, this very delicate museum was so peaceful and quiet inside. The careful arrangement of different exhibitions in different rooms brings a dreamlike experience for the audience. An interesting thing I found during this tour is that the new Gucci is actually reviving its old spirit.

From the eastern floral silk fabric, tiger head buckle, to the most famous bamboo handle bag and horse bit loafer on today’s runway, they are all from the Gucci in the 60’s and 70’s ! But with more pop culture and geek element of course. What a wise marketing idea! Because not a single luxury brand was doing bright color with patterns and using shining metallic fabric at the same time. Being different in a cute path differentiates the brand in a good way and catches the heart of old as well as new, young as well as aged customers. You can identify the brand from the first sight. Meanwhile, vintage is the most popular trend in the market today. Most chic people go to the thrift shops for unique outfit that cannot be duplicated. I myself  is a huge fan of vintage clothes and accessories. Gucci’s new collection looks good on magazine photo shoot and street snapshot, they knew fashion editors would love to write about it.

Gucci Museo in Florence Italy

“Fashion is about creating emotion, it’s not necessarily rational,” explains Marco Bizzarri, the new CEO of Gucci. The unconventional new Gucci is retargeting on young customers and reaches a new peak in its brand history.

Gucci is very conscientious and smart on its digital marketing.

Remember what David Scott said in his book The New Rules about Marketing and PR about those boring and useless websites of some brands? well you will never get bored on Gucci’s websites. The official Gucci website provide customers with all of the products from its collections, including ready-to-wear and beauty products. On the website pages customers can find high-definition images, detailed description, price and in which nearest Gucci store they can find the jacket or the lipstick. They can shop all of the Gucci Boutique online. For customers who want to know deeper about the brand, they can watch runway show videos and check the STORIES sections for the inspiration of every collection. Its Gucci Museo website is very exquisite too. As a museum that are not so famous, you will definitely attract by it and will to pay for a visit after searching it.

There is no doubt that the Gucci App is the best fashion brand application on smart phone.   It is definitely not a phone version website of Gucci. The same sophisticated as its websites, but with many cute exclusive Gucci applications. Users cannot shop directly through the App, but they can have a lot of more fun. The Gucci 4 Rooms 360 Videos is a project associate with 3D technique, it allows users use their phone to check Gucci’s exhibitions with different themes. Users can also DIY their unique Dionysus bag, download Gucci wallpapers and check Gucci news on the App. You can see every detail connect to the emotion of customers.

Gucci has 12.5M followers on Instagram, 4M on Twitter. Its official YouTube channel has every ad campaign videos and runway shows on it. Gucci knows the importance of social medias for nowadays marketing campaign, it posts new photos and share story on Instagram very often.

Gucci loves art. It is working with several unconventional young Artists.

A good example is the GucciGhost. This is a special collection Gucci corporates with street artist Trouble Andrew. Before Gucci, Trouble Andrew just use the classic Gucci logo to make some kuso artworks. But Alessandro Michele takes it seriously and invites Andrew to make a special collection with Gucci. This collaborate with pop culture certainly attract a bunch of young people. “it is interesting how our language, started by a family in Florence nearly 100 years ago can be something very contemporary,” said Michele.

Another artist who become popular after work with Gucci is illustrator Unskilled Worker. Her big eyes Gucci models are so iconic. In 2017, Gucci works with a group of London illustrators and instagrammers include Unskilled Worker. They translate Gucci’s runway looks through their very own art styles. Understand art or not, people love fashion love art too. And those painted version Gucci looks soon become the hottest topic on the Internet. While working with unpopular artists, Gucci implant its culture to people that are young, underground and not so rich.

Trouble Andrew and his street art work
The GucciGhost Product Collection

Gucci is now on the top of fashion market. It is doing so good in almost all aspects,  including boutique product as well as marketing strategy. Anyway, just like Heidi Klum said in every episode of Project Runway, “in fashion, one day you are in, the next day, you are out.” What I concern about is the brand’s innovation in the future. Because eventually, people will get tired of the colorful dreamy design, which it has used for several collections in the past two years. When there is too much, it becomes ordinary, it becomes boring. So I am very curious about the next step of Gucci design.


It is so nervous but also exciting to write one of my favorite brand along with marketing analysis in my first official blog article. There are always many interesting marketing things to dig in the fashion industry. What do you think about Gucci’s marketing now? Do you have different or same opinion with me? Please write some comments before you leave. I love to discuss with you!

So, have you fell in love with the reinvented Gucci?

And… See you in the next blog!


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