Welcome to My Blog!

Hey! Welcome to the Urban Monkey!

It has been years since I blogging last time, but working in the marketing field you always should be the most in time person. Blog as one of the most popular media now has huge influence on trends. People sharing their feelings and thoughts with each other on their blogs every day. So after taking the first Digital Marketing class this semester, I finally decided to open a new blog of my own. Feeling a little bit nervous, but more is excited, I will try my best of best not to boring you!

I decided to go with the name Urban Monkey because it sounds really cute, fun and easy to remember. Currently I live in NYC, I love living in the urban area and the fast-paced lifestyle here. Monkey is a smart kind of animal. The combination of Urban Monkey just sounds very energetic.

In this blog I will share things about digital marketing and the latest trends. If you like art, fashion, weird things and all the other popular trends happening right now, here is the right place to check. Please feel free to comment and share your opinions with me!

So this is Urban Monkey. I am so looking forward to get started!

See you in the next blog!

Processed with Rookie Cam
Photo by me. NYC soho




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